Category: April 2016

Traffic Director Spotlight: Kelly Bailey

Kelly Bailey CBS Radio, Detroit Kelly Bailey is the Traffic Director for WWJ-AM (Detroit). Q1: How long have you been in traffic? Kelly:  33 years.  The past 27 at my current employer. Q2: Favorite comfort food? Kelly:  Pizza. Q3: Which Superhero would you be and why? Kelly:  Ironman.  Billionaire philanthropist, come on, do you have to hear any more? Q4: When I’m… read more

Engineering Spotlight: Michael Kernen, Greater Media (Detroit)

We’re pleased to begin a new spotlight series featuring the hardworking engineers at our stations.  To nominate an engineer for a spotlight, please email Alisha Clack at [email protected] Michael Kernen Michael Kernen is Chief Engineer for Greater Media in Detroit and oversees radio stations WCSX-FM, WRIF-FM, and WMGC-FM.  He started at WRIF 28 years ago,… read more

Traffic Director Spotlight: Ashley Tallmadge

Ashley Tallmadge MacDonald Broadcasting, Saginaw Ashley Tallmadge is the Traffic Director for WMJO-FM, WSAM-AM, WKCQ-FM, and WSAG-FM in Saginaw. Q1: How long have you been in traffic? Ashley:  1-1/2 years. Q2: Favorite comfort food? Ashley:  Homeade coney sauce. Q3: Which Superhero would you be and why? Ashely:  Well I don’t know about superheros, but around here I have… read more

Traffic Director Spotlight: Lisa DeAngelo

Lisa DeAngelo  Krol Communications, Owosso Lisa DeAngelo wears many hats at WJSZ-FM in Owosso.  Not only is she the Operations and Office Manager, she is also the Traffic Director, Production Director, and Midday host on the station.  Lisa has been with Krol Communications since December 2009.  She began her radio career in 1992 at WYCD-FM… read more