Following last week’s advisory from Sage regarding the availability and required installation of an update due to the expiring IPAWS digital certificate,
DASDEC has announced their firmware update to meet the August 21, 2021 deadline.

As with Sage, there is no charge from DASDEC for this update.  Digital Alert System’s Ed Czarnecki says you must upload this certificate by or before August 21, 2021, otherwise CAP alerts from FEMA will not properly validate (and will be rejected).  The update may be downloaded here.

He advises to follow the same instructions from last year with the new file it will work. Read here.  The company will publish updated 2021 guidance shortly, but it will be basically the same.

Note: This certificate bundle may be applied to Version 3 or Version 4 software.

If you are still running version 3 software, the NPT test will be properly processed, however we still recommend you consider upgrading to v4 software (version 3.0 was issued in 2016). V4 includes a completely upgraded operating system, plus numerous security, functional and regulatory updates.