The MAB has limited openings still available in our 2020  Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program, (ABIP) season. Our inspector will travel through Bay City, the Thumb Area, Ludington, Traverse City, Cadillac, Petoskey, Alpena, Chalevoix and Harrisville from September 14 to 21. 

Think the FCC no longer does routine inspections? Guess again. Book your inspection now, as we cannot guarantee he will available in these areas when he returns Michigan in October.

With both radio and television public files on-line, it makes it easier than ever for the FCC to inspect. You need to be certain your public file contains everything it should. The physical ABIP inspection checks technical as well as public file requirements.

You do not want to risk an FCC visit and possible fines when things have been so challenging for broadcasters financially during the pandemic.

Having an ABIP inspection is like having a preventative check-up from the doctor. Once you sign-up and pay for your inspection, you will receive a letter of intent giving your station a 150-day grace period preventing the FCC from conducting a routine inspection.

Once you pass your inspection(s), you will receive a 3-year exemption keeping the FCC from performing routine inspections at your station. More importantly, it is like an insurance policy. Our inspector takes great care to review your public file and make suggestions on how you may improve it. Members have said an ABIP is like a private Public File Tutorial.

Call Ann Walters at the MAB office 1-800-968-7622 or email Ann at [email protected] to book your ABIP. This moderately priced MAB service is one of our most popular offerings. Call and get signed up today!!!