Take a day to make virtual visits with your state legislators. It’s easy. Just register for the free MAB State Capitol Advocacy Day and MAB does the rest.

Click here to register now. 

You will be paired with a couple of other broadcasters from your area. MAB will prepare the issue papers and a report on the economic impact of Michigan’s Broadcasters on the state. We set the Zoom meetings for you. You just need to have a nice 20-30 minute chat with some of your lawmakers. We’ll hold a Zoom briefing on April 29 at a time to be determined

The MAB has a strong lobby presence with the lawmakers but they still want to speak with the people who influence votes in their districts. That is you.

You may already know your local state lawmakers well, if not you need to get to know them. They can make a difference in your ability to do business unencumbered by burdensome state regulation and taxes allowing you to be more profitable and continue to serve your community.