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Caleb Gordon is the proud recipient of the Friends of Bill Burton Scholarship and is continuing his educational journey at Michigan State University. Read on to learn more about Caleb and why he loves broadcasting…

Current school and expected year of graduation:
Michigan State University, Class of 2017

Name of scholarship you received and year it was received:
Friends of Bill Burton Scholarship, 2016

Brief resume and educational background:
I graduated from Marysville High School in 2013 and then went to St. Clair Community College (SC4) for two years, where I graduated with an associates degree. I then transferred to Michigan State in 2015 and am now a senior in the Media and Information Department.

My broadcasting experience dates back to freshmen year of High School when I started hanging around Liggett Communications (WPHM, WHLS, WHLX, WSAQ, WBTI) in Port Huron as an intern. As a student at SC4, I returned to Liggett as morning talk show producer and also did various other news and engineering assignments. I also was involved with SC4’s college radio station (WSGR). Following my transfer to MSU last year, I found a new home at MacDonald Broadcasting (WILS, WXLA, WHZZ, WQHH), where I remain today, doing just about everything from news to engineering.

Check out Caleb’s LinkedIn profile here.

What made you want to pursue broadcasting as a career?
I grew up in a family where the radio was always on, so I think that really influenced my interests. Since I’m from a relatively small town, local radio was essentially the center of our community. I looked up to local Port Huron radio personalities (like Paul Miller at WPHM, who I bugged enough until he got me an internship there six years ago). I truly believe the power of audio can inform, entertain and enlighten better than any other mass media. I’m also a news and politics junkie and radio helps to feed this interest.

What is your favorite class you have taken in school so far and why?
My favorite class so far has been Dr. David McCarty’s Media Economics and Politics course at MSU. My aforementioned interest in politics is probably why I enjoyed it so much. I also like learning about FCC policy and the policy making process.

Honorable mention goes to a geology class I took at SC4, which really changed the way I look at the earth.

How has the MAB Foundation helped you in your educational journey?
I’m a two-time scholarship recipient. As a High School senior I received a competitive scholarship that helped pay for my classes at SC4. And then this spring, I received the Bill Burton scholarship which is helping pay for my classes at MSU. The MABF has made my education more affordable and my dreams of a career in broadcasting more attainable.

Furthermore, participating in the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference gave me the chance to network with others in the industry and sit in on very informational sessions.

More about Caleb:
A goal of mine is to be in a management position at a group of radio stations. I really enjoy all aspects of the business, whether it is programming, engineering, news, or the business side. A career that would incorporate all of these would be ideal. Thanks to the MAB, my education, and work experience, I believe this is attainable.

I’d like to thank everybody that I’ve crossed paths with in my educational and vocational experiences. I hope one day to have the same impact on a young broadcaster like many have had on me.