The Detroit Free Press reports that Internet gaming and sports betting is soon expected to be legal in Michigan after the Legislature sent a package of bills to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Wednesday, the last session day of the year.

The bills, which are expected to be signed by Whitmer, will allow existing licensed casinos to offer poker, blackjack, slots and other casino-style games over the Internet. The legislation also will allow those casinos to set up theaters to accept wagers on live sporting events and accept sports bets online.

The Senate passed the gaming bills by overwhelming margins early Wednesday afternoon and returned them to the House, which had already passed the same bills, to concur with changes the Senate made.

How soon online gaming actually begins in Michigan will depend on a number of factors, assuming Whitmer signs the legislation, officials said. Those include how long it takes to produce rules to accompany the legislation, how long licensing takes, and how long it takes for licensed operators to have the required technology in place.