Traffic Director Tips: Joni Reed (Black Diamond Broadcasting/Cheboygan)

(L-R) MAB’s Denise Weston, Black Diamond’s Joni Reed and Lynne Peck.

Joni Reed is Traffic Director for Black Diamond Broadcasting’s WMKC-FM, WGFM-FM, WQEZ-FM and WCBY-AM.  Joni works with Traffic and Billing Director Lynne Peck and both are based at the company’s Cheboygan, Michigan location.  Joni has been in traffic for 10 years.

Joni:  I started at the radio station 11 years ago, and sent out the billing before I was actually a traffic director. Within a year or two, I became a traffic director.  As we have several stations, we would print all of the invoices, go through them, sign and notarize, then fold and keep them in alphabetical order, adding each station’s invoice, so we could mail them all together for each client.

Later, we started printing monthly statements, so we added that into the same process.

Recently we were bought by Black Diamond Broadcasting, adding 2 more stations to our overall billing group.  During the transition of adding them to Marketron, we got some information from the trainer about something available. You can earmark all your invoices that have special instructions, or are co-op, as you enter your orders in ‘Remarks’ in the Header Field.  After you create your batches and post them, you can create an invoice report for the day of your invoices and when you print them, all the orders that you earmarked as special will print first and the rest will be in alphabetical order for you!

For us it has been a great time saver. We only have to pull out the agency invoices as the agency statements print at the end of the statement batch, but the agency invoices print in alphabetical order by agency.

We will NEVER GO BACK!!!! Can’t believe we didn’t know this earlier! We have A LOT of ‘special’ people, so it has saved time in more ways than one.

Hope this helps someone else save time!